You need to be in the right place at the right time but I also believe that you can create your own luck and work for what is coming up.

So Red Bull Spy took the unanswered questions from Daniel and came up with some BRILLIANT answers.


The Spy says…

What do you enjoy doing most in your free time?
Spy: Daniel doesn’t get free time, he’d only waste it playing sports and enjoying himself. We keep him in the simulator or gym constantly between races. What you think is a smile is really a grimace of pain.

Would you prefer more power or more downforce in this year’s cars?
Spy: Definitely more power. The RB10 has so much downforce if you floor it out of the Dry Sack corner at Jerez it’s in danger of going backwards in time. Dan nearly won the 1989 Spanish Grand Prix…

How do you spend your time from the end of qualifying to tomorrow morning ahead of the race?
Spy: Daniel has a massive collection of colonial era thimbles. In between sessions he retires to his room to sort and grade new additions.

Just wondering how wet do you get driving in the rain?
Spy: It’s really not that exciting…

Is there something in this world that can make you stop grinning? :P
Stay awesome!
Spy: Jerez 2009, testing the RB5. We were overenthusiastic with tightening Daniel’s lower harness strapping. Wasn’t smiling after that – but he does have a lovely singing voice.

Do you like animals?
Spy: He’ll eat whatever you put in front of him…

What is the thing that surprised you the most about your teammate Sebastian?
Spy: He believes the Earth is hollow and filled with pterodactyls.

What have you learnt from Seb so far?:)
Spy: To never, ever go to karaoke with Sebastian Vettel

Ricciardo - How does it feel, sitting comfortably in front of Vettel?
Spy: If Dan were any happier, he’d be twins

Where do you expect to be mid-way through the season?
Spy: Hungary

Do you sleep with your honey badger teddy bear? Hahaha ;)
Spy: Daniel doesn’t sleep. He waits.


Hello! What do you like to do when you’re not racing?
Spy: When Daniel isn’t racing he mostly likes to whine about not racing.

Why are you such a legend?
Spy: Because Daniel sups from the cup of awesomeness…

Who do you see as your greatest mentors (racing related or not), both in Toro Rosso and now in Infiniti Red Bull Racing?
Spy: That would be the RedBullF1Spy



Omg he wrote his chinese name in calligraphy and I think he writes better than me in calligraphy. I’m a failed Chinese. >

I knew it!!! Thanks for the confirmation.


I started listening to team radios and just couldn’t stop. Especially Seb’s are so brilliant!  My personal favourites:

  1. But satisfaction.." - Monaco 2013 [x]
  2. I’m going home!" -  Turkey 2010 [x]
  3. But I want to win.." - Hungary 2011 [x]
  4. Let me quote: yeah yeah yeah yeah… I know what I’m doing" - Abu Dhabi 2013 [x]
  5. But seriously, how do you want me to pass if tell me slower and slower" - Canada 2010 [x]

Sassy team radio Seb is my favourite! 



Sebastian Vettel Learns Chinese (x)


Sebastian Vettel & Daniel Ricciardo | Chinese GP 2014

RBR Team radio: (x)

Rocky: Sebastian, let Ricciardo through, let Daniel through please.

Seb: Which tyre is he on?

Rocky: Mediums, but he stopped later than you.

Seb: Tough luck.


Rennie: Ok, close up to him and overtake him.


Rocky: Sebastian, Daniel is on a two-stop, Daniel on a two-stop.

Seb: Think about boxing.

Rocky: Understood. We’re looking at gaps.


Rocky: Sebastian stay out, it helps us, please stay out. We are aware.