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Kick für Kinder 2014 (x)


He’s driving fantastically, and in Germany he was battling very smart, always taking my slipstream after I passed him, and braking very late, attacking very late, and [he] never missed the corner.

He was very, very smart, [with] respect also with the rules. It was a great fight.

— Fernando Alonso (on his battle with Dan in Hockenheim)

"I love the sport, I love driving the car and I love competing. I love battling other drivers out on the track, especially with drivers like Fernando. The truth is, that’s what all this is about."
— Seb Vettel (via theheroinmydreams)


Q: Apart from F1 training, how else do you stay fit?

SV: I do loads of stuff. Driving the car is one of the best forms of exercise you can do, but unfortunately we don’t get much time to do it, apart from race weekends and testing. The other sports I do are cycling, running, among others. I don’t like going to the gym and lifting weights much, because I get too muscular, and we need to be sufficiently flexible. It’s tough to find a balance. In everything.

— Sebastian Vettel (via fuckyeahf1)

Seb: *staring* He’s so cute.
Seb: Oh, crap. There’s a camera. Must. Look. Away.